What people are saying…

“I feel honored to be a part of Community Interface Services.”

“Community Interface Services serves a real need and is administered well.”

“I am incredibly impressed with the services and eternally grateful for the support our daughter is given.”

“We really have a unique and special agency that really walks the walk when they say they care about their employees. All agencies say this, but Community Interface supervisors really go the extra mile.”

“With Community Interface Services, our son can live independently, and this he really enjoys.”

“Staff always listen to my son and support what he wants to do.”

“I really like the camaraderie between employees. Also, there is a positive work environment.”

“For more than two years, our son has received quality, caring, and expert support.”

“Community Interface Services has been there for me since 1989.”

“This is the best job I have had.”

“I’m learning to be responsible.”

“What makes a day great is when a consumer achieves something, gets closer to being independent and not needing me anymore.”

“Community Interface Services provides opportunities for my son to interact and be productive within his capabilities.”

“I really enjoy this job and the day-to-day ups and downs that come with it. Everyday is different which keeps it interesting and makes it go by fast.”

“Staff are always available, pleasant, and knowledgeable.”

“This is the best company I’ve ever worked for... I am proud to work for Community Interface. The teamwork is beautiful throughout the company.”

“I like that if I feel I need help or support that it is and always has been available.”

“It feels good to make a difference in the consumer’s lives and in the community at large.”

“The best part of Community Interface is that you are empowered to make a difference.”

“I have pride in the fact that I’m contributing to the betterment of another person’s life.”

“I have never ceased to be amazed at (and grateful for) the integrity and the dynamic positive attitude of the entire Community Interface services staff who relentlessly pursue a common goal: to improve independence, involvement, and life satisfaction of our clients