Overview of CIS Services


For nearly three decades Community Interface Services (CIS) has provided training, support, and advocacy for people with developmental disabilities. We are committed to providing high quality, person-centered, community-based services to help meet the unique needs of every person we serve.  We offer services that range from help learning essential life skills to job training and work placement, home ownership, respite, self-determination and more.

Supported Living

Community or in-home support services individualized to meet your specific needs up to 24 hours a day, and usually involving a live-in support person who shares a home with you, assisting with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, or eating.

Independent Living

Helping people with developmental disabilities live independently and experience lifestyles and living situations similar to people without disabilities.


Community Support Facilitation

Social and recreational opportunities for adults and children with developmental disabilities throughout San Diego County.


Affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities in San Diego and Imperial Counties.


Supported Employment

Job development, placement, and coaching at paid work sites. The goal of SE is to assist you in finding a job you are interested in, that matches your abilities, and to teach you job skills that promote independence, self-sufficiency, and self-reliance.

Community Integration Training

Community-based, day program that includes vocational training and a variety of community activities. The program also offers flexibility to those with significant personal care, stamina, or behavioral needs. 



Tailored Day Services - Day Your Way

 Individualized day programs tailored to each client's unique interests and needs.  Day Your Way services are 100% community-based, providing clients with quality, individualized, 1:1 support in natural environments.

Self Determination

Empowers clients to have direct control over an individualized budget for support and services; build and control their own lives; and determine what services they desire and who they want to receive them from.


Rental Subsidy Venture Project (RSVP)

Temporary rental assistance for a small number of eligible adults while they await Section 8 benefits.


My SSA Payee

A Social Security Representative Payee Program designed for Regional Center clients provided at no cost to the client.

Voucher Transportation Services (MyFMS)

 Web-based service available to clients who are approved for voucher services by a Regional Center.  At this time, services primarily target clients funded for voucher transportation services by the San Diego Regional Center.