Social Security Representative Payee Program

Community Interface Services offers Social Security approved Representative Payee services to Regional Center clients at no cost to the client.

Who We Are:


A known & trusted local service provider with a reputation for excellence and: 

  • Over 30 years experience providing community living, employment and financial management services to San Diego Regional Center (SDRC) clients
  • Proficient in SSA/SSI/MediCal regulations
  • Person centered, responsive customer service      
  • Bilingual English/Spanish services (other languages may be available upon request)

How We Help:

Assist clients with handling their Social Security funds by developing a budget, establishing a schedule for paying regular expenses/making plans for unexpected or one time purchases, and monitoring savings/resources so as to maintain ongoing benefit eligibility. In addition, we:

  • Ensure individual funds are used for the benefit of, and in the best interest of, the client
  • Assist with navigating complex and critical processes with SSA
  • Provide diligent fiscal monitoring and transparent reporting
  • Help protect client from financial exploitation
  • Work collaboratively with clients, service coordinators, and other service providers to meet individual client needs
  • Help clients maintain stable and integrated lives
  • Relieve family members and SDRC service coordinators from cumbersome payee responsibilities