Social Security approved Representative Payee services for Regional Center clients at no cost to the client.

Self Determination

Empowers clients to have direct control over an individualized budget for support and services; build and control their own lives; and determine what services they desire and who they want to receive them from.

Rental Subsidy Venture Project (RSVP)

Temporary rental assistance for a small number of eligible adults while they await Section 8 benefits.

Voucher Transportation Services (MyFMS)

 Web-based service available to clients who are approved for voucher services by a Regional Center.  At this time, services primarily target clients funded for voucher transportation services by the San Diego Regional Center.

What people are saying...

It feels good to make a difference in the client’s lives and in the community at large.
— CIS Volunteer
What makes a day great is when a consumer achieves something, gets closer to being independent and not needing me anymore.
— CIS Staff Member