Our Coordinators…

These are the faces of a dedicated team of professionals who guide the daily operations of Community Interface Services.


Beverly Johnson, Coordinator

Beverly began working with Community Interface Services after graduating from UC Irvine in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Her deep interest in human behavior and the human potential for growth and self-actualization led her through a successful and rewarding few years as a resource counselor working directly with clients. Beverly was recently promoted to a Coordinator position and is so excited to have the chance to continue growing the organizations’ mission promoting the independence and success of every individual who enters the agency. 


Bryan Miller, Coordinator

After 20 years in a retail management environment, Bryan decided he needed a different direction in his life. Having been a horse trainer during his college years, he decided that becoming a volunteer at a therapeutic horseback riding center would be a good way to give back to his community. As an instructor teaching riding skills to children and adults with special needs, Bryan was inspired to become involved with the community in a deeper way. That’s when he discovered Community Interface Services. He spent a gratifying year providing direct service to CIS clients as a Resource Counselor before becoming a Coordinator in the Day Your Way program. With a Bachelors degree in Psychology and extensive leadership experience, Bryan is excited to be able to help make a positive difference in the lives of the clients we serve by being a part of an amazing organization.


Carly Hintz, Coordinator

Carly Hintz graduated from San Diego State University in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a minor in social psychology. Throughout her time in college, she was an intern for the  San Diego County Office of Emergency Services and for the National Conflict Resolution Center. Her passion for working with individuals and supporting others in the community grew. Carly began working with Community Interface Services in 2017 as a resource counselor for DYW and IL and was promoted ten months later to a CIT Coordinator position. As a coordinator, she enjoys working as a team and assisting individuals in achieving their personal goals. She is excited about the future of Community Interface Services and looks forward to being able to provide services to even more individuals.


Danielle Rowley, Coordinator

Danielle graduated with her bachelor’s in psychology from Cal State Fullerton in 2015. She has always had a passion for community-based, non-profit work. Prior to joining Community Interface, she worked as a Program Facilitator with Girls INC. where she led an after-school program for girls ranging from first through fifth grade. After moving to San Diego from Huntington Beach, Danielle found Community Interface Services and started as a Resource Counselor. After seven months, she was quickly promoted to a DYW/IL/SE Program Assistant and then Day Your Way Coordinator a year later. Danielle says, " I really enjoy being part of something that is bigger than myself and leaves the world as a better place." 

Diego Montoya, Coordinator

Diego graduated from National University in Colombia with a degree in history and worked as a high school teacher at a private school in his native city of Medellin. After being chosen by the students as best teacher of the year in 2007, Diego decided to embark on a new challenge and moved to New York City in 2009 where he launched his career working with individuals with developmental disabilities. He helped to develop a community based program called "Day Habilitation Without Walls.” In 2015, when Diego and his wife relocated to San Diego, he found Community Interface Services to be a perfect fit for his background and philosophy in service provision. Grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally as a Coordinator, Diego continues to help the people we serve to reach their goals of being active members in their communities.


Erika Arroyo, Coordinator

After working many years in Restaurant Management and Accounts Payable Erika decided to switch roles and explore a different path. Erika begin working with Community Interface Services in November 2017 as a Resource Counselor in the Community Integration Training program. After six months she was given the opportunity to be promoted as a Coordinator and is now part of the Supported Living team.  As a coordinator she enjoys being part of a team who focuses on enriching lives, encouraging independence and promoting self-advocacy for the population CIS serves. Erika loves having a career that makes real differences in people’s lives.


Jasmine Morrow, Coordinator

Jasmine started with CIS in 2013 as a part-time Vocational Substitute. After some on-the-job training with the vocational program, she took on a caseload that included clients supported by the Day Your Way, Independent Living, Supported Employment, and Supported Living programs. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Human Development with an emphasis in Counseling from Cal State University San Marcos, Jasmine transitioned to full time work in the IL/SE/ DYW programs and was quickly promoted to Coordinator in Supported Living. Jasmine says, “I enjoy working for an agency that is filled with positive energy. It is rewarding to be able to help so many people reach the goals they have set for themselves.”


Jennie Perez, Coordinator

Having earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Cal State San Marcos, Jennie knew that helping individuals with developmental disabilities was the career path she wanted to pursue. After joining Community Interface Services in 2016, she has been fortunate to work alongside numerous individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and other community agencies. Jennie began as a Resource Counselor in the Day Your Way program and was most recently promoted to Coordinator in Independent Living and Supported Employment. “Helping enhance the lives of people with developmental disabilities by promoting and encouraging self-advocacy, independence, and community inclusion is what I strive for every day”. Jennie is excited to continue being a part of the CIS family and making a positive impact in other peoples lives.


Jessica Ellis, Coordinator

Jessica graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Anthropology. After working as a case manager for refugees in Texas for several years, she moved back to her hometown of San Diego, where she joined CIS as a Program Coordinator. Jessica is grateful for the opportunity to grow as a Coordinator within an agency that is so passionate about their clients and assisting them in becoming the best versions of themselves. 


Kirsten Cassedy, Coordinator

Kirsten joined Community Interface Services as a Program Assistant for the Community Integration Training (CIT) program in 2015. Shortly after, Kirsten was promoted to Day Your Way Coordinator where she provides each client with services tailored to the individual’s unique needs. Kirsten graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology emphasis in Public Health from Cal State University, San Marcos. In college, Kirsten was involved with organizations such as Autism Speaks and the Multiple Sclerosis Society where she would raise public awareness and volunteer in fundraising events. Prior to joining CIS, Kirsten worked on the Quality Assessment Project where she performed QA interviews and identified essential changes necessary to improve the quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities. As a coordinator, Kirsten is proud to be a part of such a hard working team that continues to help clients reach their individual goals.


McKenzie Reynolds, Coordinator

McKenzie began her career with CIS in 2015 as a resource counselor in the Community Integration Training (CIT) department before being promoted to Supported Living coordinator in 2017. Through high school, McKenzie worked in several odd jobs such as: milking cows, building fences, leatherwork, and as a certified nurse’s assistant (CNA). After moving to sunny California from Idaho, she worked as a CNA for several years before working for the San Diego Sheriff’s department as a corrections deputy. McKenzie dreamt of a job where she could truly make a difference and is proud to say that working for Community Interface Services is her dream job! McKenzie graduated from California State University-San Marcos with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology.


Noemi Guardado, Coordinator

In August of 2016, Noemi joined Community Interface as a Day Your Way Resource Counselor. Prior to CIS, Noemi worked as an Employment Training Specialist  in a community day program for individuals with developmental disabilities. In January 2017, Noemi was promoted to a Day Your Way Coordinator. After 1 year as a coordinator with CIS, Noemi transitioned to a coordinator in the Supported Living Department. Noemi enjoys being part of such a motivating and empowering environment, and believes that " When you surround yourself with positive people who make a difference in other peoples lives, you start to believe anything is possible."


Reyna Servin, Coordinator

Reyna graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Sociology. Throughout college Reyna worked in the food industry and volunteered in numerous non-profits in her spare time. Reyna aspired to give back to the community by volunteering at local shelters, AIDS walks, and organized fundraisers for non-profits. A couple of years after graduating in 2014, Reyna got the opportunity to travel all over the US for a restaurant that opened new stores. She loved to travel; however, she knew she was not making a difference or impact in people’s lives. Reyna missed having the opportunity to give back to her community and so she joined the CIS family in 2017 as a Resource Counselor for DYW and later joined the CIT family as a Coordinator. Reyna is proud to have made the career change. “I feel like I have a purpose in life and I wake up excited to come to work everyday!”

Vicki Driscoll, Coordinator

Vicki is a recent transplant to Southern California having recently moved from Upstate New York. She has her BA in Psychology and has worked in Human Services her entire career, with most of that time spent working with individuals with developmental disabilities. She has worked direct care, case management, mid-management and program administration, but is very happy to be capping off her career working with the Community Interface Family. While she has enjoyed each and every role she has experienced in the work environment, her most rewarding role has been that of “Mom” to her two adult children.


Yvette Scarcella

In 2013 shortly after earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development from Cal State San Marcos, Yvette Scarcella joined the Community Interface Services team as a Resource Counselor in the Community Integration Training (CIT) department. During this time, she learned how much she enjoys building relationships, making a positive impact, and helping those to meet their personal goals. Yvette was promoted to CIT Coordinator in 2016. As Coordinator she is able to tackle new challenges all while still working with the individuals she loves. Yvette thoroughly believes in the mission of CIS and aims to apply it to her daily interactions.