Digital Gym

2921 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA 92104

Digital Gym is a multimedia lab and community space for anyone interested in new media and technologies. Noah may be interested in one their one-on-one trainings or group classes.

In their one-on-one classes instructors tailor each lesson to fit your needs. They can accommodate all learning levels and guide Noah through every stage of the creative and technical process. Their customized lessons can focus on computer basics, videography, photography, website design, and more. One-on-one lessons cost $45/hour.

Teen Producers Project:  This program is 12 weeks long and teaches teens the basic principles of documentary filmmaking while producing 2-3 minute digital stories. Students learn basic lighting techniques, storyboarding, camera skills, and how to edit their projects in Final Cut Pro of Adobe Premiere. They end with a show case screening. This 12-week program costs $360.