5  Programs

Community or in-home support services individualized to meet your specific needs up to 24 hours a day, and usually involving a live-in support person who shares a home with you, assisting with daily tasks like bathing, dressing, or eating.

Helping people with developmental disabilities live independently and experience lifestyles and living situations similar to people without disabilities.

Providing support and relief for caregivers who are caring for a family member with a developmental disability.


Social and recreational opportunities for adults and children with developmental disabilities throughout San Diego County.


Affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities in San Diego and Imperial Counties.


What people are saying...

It feels good to make a difference in the client’s lives and in the community at large.
— CIS Volunteer
What makes a day great is when a consumer achieves something, gets closer to being independent and not needing me anymore.
— CIS Staff Member